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ShopperTrak Forecasts That Retail Spending Will Be Healthy During The First Quarter of 2013


people counting, in-store analytics, people counterWe are now into the second month of the year.

What do things look like in the short-range horizon of 2013 for retail?

Perhaps no company on earth is better able to project retail trends, and has more valuable insight into

the state of retail sales and retail health, than ShopperTrak.

Among the world's most successful, best known, and most respected retailers use and rely every day on our people counting, foot traffic, and retail analytic product and services.  More than 60,000 of our managed people counting and foot traffic devices are in use across 75 countries every day.

ShopperTrak always has access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date retail data – and we apply expert analysis to extract and build from that data highly accurate reports and forecasts.

So, in addition to the products and services and the client-specific business intelligence we deliver to our customers, we also are busy as a producer of broad-ranging and overarching and retail-industry-wide business intelligence for the media, business consultants, analysts, economists, and others.

To get back to the short-term forecast for 2013, ShopperTrak predicts healthy improvement.

In her story (published on February 13) in the Chicago Tribune, Carolyn Shropshire writes, “ShopperTrak said Wednesday that it expects retail sales to rise 3.2 percent and foot traffic to increase 3.5 percent in the first quarter, according to ShopperTrak, In the second quarter, ShopperTrak predicts that retail sales will climb 2.9 percent and foot traffic will remain flat.”

In the story, Bill Martin, ShopperTrak founder and executive vice president, is quoted extensively.

Click here to read the full Chicago Tribune story.

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