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Learn About Best Practices For Implementing Video Analytics In Retail


describe the imageAre you curious about how video analytics might best be used in your retail organization? Have you tested them before yet did not see a clear business case? 

ShopperTrak has produced a two-part eBook series on video analytics designed to help retail stakeholders in marketing, merchandising and operations understand the fundamentals of this still-new technology. In addition, this series will help retail professionals learn best practices for designing and deploying video analytics to capture actionable insights and generate real value in retail environments.

In this free, two-part series, you'll learn:

  • What video analytics are and how they work
  • Different types of video analytics systems
  • Typical capabilities of video analytics systems
  • Typical limitations of video analytics systems
  • Video analytics systems that are best suited to bricks and mortar retail environments
  • How different roles within retailers can use video analytics effectively
  • New video analytics-based services offered by ShopperTrak 
Understand the basics of video analytics. Learn how they can be best deployed within your retail organization. Discover how ShopperTrak is pioneering new services to capture actionable insights throughout every store.


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