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Mall Owners, Mall Management Companies, and Developers All Over the World Rely on ShopperTrak People Counting Technology


mall, shoppertrak, people counting, retail analysisCompanies Turn to ShopperTrak When Making Retail Leasing Decisions, Establishing Lease Rates, Attracting Retailers, Planning Security Staffing, Hiring and Organizing Cleaning Crews … and For Other Business Decisions

Absolutely vital to the business decisions of mall owners, mall management companies, and developers is the value and worth of every square foot of every store and space within a retail center.

Among the most valuable and premium business intelligence these companies use in making those decisions is people counting data and foot traffic analysis.

And no company delivers more accurate, timely, and insightful people counting data and foot traffic analysis than does ShopperTrak.

Successful mall owners, management companies, and developers –whether their writ of operations is exclusively local or extends internationally – turn to ShopperTrak’s Managed Service to receive competitive advantage.

Companies that use ShopperTrak Managed Service avail themselves to a powerful and winning suite of products, including the following: 

  • Counting: Highly-accurate and anonymous enters & exists collected in real-time.
  • Validation:  Proprietary algorithm scrubbing of data for inconsistencies and anomalies.
  • Comparison:  Data match to POS, labor and comparisons to market.
  • Deliver:  Mobile or web, real-time or daily custom reports.
  • Installation:  Global network of professional ShopperTrak-certified installers.
  • Support:  Dedicated technical and business support managers. 

There are more than 60,000 ShopperTrak managed people counting and foot traffic devices in operation across 75 countries. 

Click here to learn more about ShopperTrak’s Managed Service.


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