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shoppertrak, people counter, people counting, in-store analyticsReceive Even More Value and Competitive Advantage in Working With ShopperTrak

Retailers and other types of businesses turn to ShopperTrak for the its standard-setting people counting technology and foot traffic analysis.  

Indeed, ShopperTrak has more than 60,000 managed people counting and foot traffic devices in operation across 75 countries.  

But, beyond the people counting and foot traffic data, and the initial analysis of that data, ShopperTrak offers companies full suites of services that enabled these enterprises to realize high level value and competitive advantage.   

That raw data and first-run analysis of the data is all just the start.  ShopperTrak takes that data and that analysis and drills down into it and extracts from it intelligence that companies use to beat the competition and to optimize sales and profits.  

A primary way we do this is through our ShopperTrak Certified Partners program.   

ShopperTrak Certified Partners are availed answers to critical questions that all businesses should know; for example: 

  • Is my advertising mix (TV, print, radio, web) driving customers to my stores?

  • How many shoppers leave my store because lines are too long?

  • Do I have too few or too many associates on store floor?

  • What percentage of shoppers make (and do not make) a purchase?

Do you know the answers to these questions?  Do you your competitors?

Learn more about being a ShopperTrak partner today!


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