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The Big Opportunity And Major Value In Being A ShopperTrak Developer


shoppertrak, developer, shoppertrak partners, people countingUse Our In-Store Flash Traffic API To Develop Applications That Provide Retailers With Real-Time People Counting And Foot Traffic Data And Analysis That Helps Them Increase Sales And Profits

ShopperTrak is the global leader delivering retailers and other businesses with data and analysis that enables them to work smarter and more efficiently across marketing, advertising, staffing, store layout, store locations, queue operations, product placement, customer service … and much more.

Our technology, and our continuous drive to innovate and improve our technology and forge partnerships that strengthen our service offering and the value we provide our customers, is fundamental to the way we work and our success.

The ShopperTrak In-Store Flash Traffic API is a core people counting and foot traffic application that delivers real-time, secure, and authenticated data to our customers.  It delivers to our customers business intelligence immediately usable and immediately valuable.

Application developers are taking their business metric tools and integrating them with the ShopperTrak API to produce custom traffic analytics that transmit reliable data via email and text and other means – and which help retailers large, small, and all sizes in between capitalize on sales opportunity.

Developers are using the ShopperTrak API to integrate foot traffic analysis into POS dashboards. 

There is extraordinary opportunity, and we urge developers to chase this opportunity, to work with ShopperTrak and our API to deliver foot traffic and people counting applications that give businesses perspectives and insights, which can be used to gain operational and selling advantage. 

ShopperTrak is always developing, looking for, and recruiting better and smarter applications.

Click here to learn about being a ShopperTrak developer!


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