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In Support Of Retail Technology Innovation


The landscape of retail technology is changing rapidly - and not just in the online world. In the offline world of bricks and mortar retail, new technologies are being introduced at an ever-quickening pace to bring new insights and capabilities to retailers that have traditionally maintained a significant physical store presence.

While much of this innovation happens in well-established companies like ShopperTrak that already serve large numbers of retail clients, there are other pockets of innovation that are also bringing new and useful advances to retailers. One of these is in Silicon Valley. 

To tap into the talent and innovation in Silicon Valley, ShopperTrak has recently increased its presence there with two key initiatives. The first, ShopperTrak Labs, will be covered in a later blog post. We'll dive deeper into the other in this blog post.

Introducing Retail Technology Pioneers

Silicon Valley's innovation culture is expansive. It encompasses everything from simple mobile apps to business software to even space exploration. For many of these verticals, there is a cohesive community of developers, investors and customers that meet, discuss and work together to define the next set of innovations that will be brought to market.

While there are a number of retail-focused technology companies in Silicon Valley, there has yet to be a central meeting place for the community where innovation can be focused and accelerated. As a result, we have created Retail Technology Pioneers.

Retail Technology Pioneers is a monthly meetup where entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and retailers can meet to discuss the latest burgeoning technologies around retail, as well as experience live demos of new retail-focused technologies from up-and-coming startups and established companies.

Rapid Growth And Rich Variety

Since establishing the group in December 2012, membership and participation have risen rapidly. At the very first demo night in December, 28 retail futurists showed up to participate. At the latest in April 2013, nearly 100 joined. 

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The variety of technologies that have been demonstrated to the group have included everything from proprietary, retail-exclusive Big Data processing systems to video image recognition systems to crowdsourced feedback platforms to help retailers focus new product development.

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Benefits To ShopperTrak Clients

In addition to providing a central community for retail technology in Silicon Valley, Retail Technology Pioneers will offer an additional venue for ShopperTrak to identify growing companies with new technologies to partner with. 

If you're interested in learning more about Retail Technology Pioneers, please visit the meetup page here. If you're in Silicon Valley, join our large and growing membership and come to our next meetup.


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