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ShopperTrak Interior Analytics – Highly Valuable In-Store Analytics That Retailers Can Use Right Away


in-store analytics, people counting, shoppertrakShopperTrak delivers competitive advantages in many ways to retailers around the globe. 

There are more than 60,000 ShopperTrak people counting and foot traffic devices across 90 countries and territories. Among the companies that use the ShopperTrak in-store analytics are those that hold 400 of the world's most recognized and respected brands.

A primary reason that so many companies turn to ShopperTrak to help them optimize and improve sales, profits, marketing effectiveness and operations is that our integrated system of standard-setting technology and skilled & smart support personnel doesn't flood our customers with loads of data that can't be used – and with analysis that isn't relevant. 

We help our customers acquire only the right data and support it with only the right analysis.

One way we do this is through ShopperTrak Interior Analytics.

ShopperTrak Interior Analytics is a product suite that produces specific data and metrics that are easy for retailers to use today and every day to identify and act on opportunity.

Using ShopperTrak Interior Analytics, retailers find the busy and hot locations within a store; how to better convert shoppers to buyers; in what locations shoppers “dwell” for the most time in a store, and in what locations do they quickly pass through; the general age and gender range of shoppers; in the queue, how long are customers waiting to be cashed out, receive customer service, or have a product wrapped; how long does a customer wait prior to a sales person offering help, and how long is the interaction between customer and sales person.

ShopperTrak Interior Analytics – one more way ShopperTrak is the choice of retailers globally.

Click here to read more about ShopperTrak Interior Analytics!

Click here for a video demonstration of our Store Performance Sales Intercepts dashboard powered by ShopperTrak Interior Analytics!


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