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Showrooming is Big – but “Webrooming” is Practiced More, and is on the Rise


online, showrooming, webrooming, shoppertrakPrevalent in the lexicon of retail and shopping is the term, “showrooming” – a practice in which a shopper will walk through a store and touch, look at, and learn about a product.  Then, while in the store, or outside the store, maybe when get home, they will go online and find the product at a lower price than offered in the brick and mortar store, and they will buy the product online at the lower price.

But, as a survey that the global business consulting firm, Accenture, released earlier this month documents and reveals, there is more webrooming going on than showrooming.

What is webrooming?  Webrooming is when a person searches for and learns about online a product they want to buy then goes into an actual physical store and purchases that product.

Yet, no matter whether webrooming or showrooming, consumers want a seamless shopping experience.

In a media alert that Accenture put out to announce the release of the survey, which is titled, Accenture Seamless Retail Study, it noted the following:

The survey found that as online shopping continues to grow as a consumer preference, there is a mutually beneficial relationship between stores and online channels. For example, while in the six months prior to the survey, 73 percent of respondents indicated that they participated in the practice of “showrooming”, or browsing at least once in-store and then buying online, an even larger number – 88 percent – said they participated in “webrooming”, or browsing first on the internet then buying in-store.

ShopperTrak, the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis, helps retailers around better serve the webroomers.   ShopperTrak products and its analysis – that is, our technology and our people – help retailers make the store and online selling and shopping channel one and seamless.

There is a reason that more than 60,000 ShopperTrak managed people counting and foot traffic devices are in operation across more than 95 countries and territories – and that retailers of all sizes, including those that hold 400 of the world's most recognized and respected brands, are ShopperTrak clients. 

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