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Learn How Retailers Use ShopperTrak Interior Analytics Technologies To Increase In-Store Revenue


webinar, shoppertrak, interior analytics, people countingOn May 14th, Join ShopperTrak Founder, Bill Martin, and George Aspland, Director of Product Strategy for ShopperTrak, For a Presentation on How Retailers use Video Analytics, Bluetooth Counting, and Other Interior Analytics Technologies to Better Service Customers – and Beat the Competition

Retailers around the world use a wide-ranging suite of ShopperTrak technologies and services – collectively, the ShopperTrak system – to improve sales and profits. 

At the core of our technology and system is our people counting and foot traffic technology device.  More than 60,000 managed ShopperTrak people counting and foot traffic devices are in operation across 95 countries and territories. 

Integrated with our managed devices – which produce the most timely and accurate foot traffic and people counting data available – are a variety interior analytic tools, such as video analytics and Bluetooth counting, and others, that enable ShopperTrak clients to better respond to consumer demand, and to more effectively move on and create sales opportunity, and then close sales.

On May 14th, ShopperTrak is hosting a free webinar on best uses and practices of interior analytics technologies. Presenting are two of the smartest and most accomplished strategists in this area – ShopperTrak founder, Bill Martin, and George Aspland, Director of Product Strategy for ShopperTrak.

Fundamental to ShopperTrak and its business philosophy is producing webinars, publishing ebooks and articles and papers, hosting user seminars, and developing other ways to share helpful and valuable information and intelligence. 

In their presentation, among the questions that Bill Martin and George Aspland will answer are the following:

  • What are interior analytics?
  • How do you implement them effectively and guarantee ROI?
  • What is marketing hype and what really drives value?
  • How are retailers successfully using these technologies today?


We hope to see you on Tuesday, May 14th!


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