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Q1 2013 Retail Traffic Benchmarks Webinar!


shoppertrak, webinar, traffic report, business analyticsDid you know...

  • Nation-wide retail traffic is up slightly .4% year-over-year?

  • Store traffic for the Apparel & Accessories retail category is down -2% year-over-year?

  • Wireless & Electronics store traffic is up 6% year-over-year nation-wide?

The Traffic Report from ShopperTrak Business Analytics provides critical contextual data for evaluating retail health. It allows financial analysts and corporate retail executives to compare traffic trends and uncover growth or stagnation relative to their industry. This key comparative data is available at the national, regional, market and local levels. On Thursday, May 23rd, ShopperTrak Business Analytics will walk you through a recap of the Q1 2013 metrics in a free webinar.


Highlights Include:

  • Traffic performance by category

  • Traffic performance by geography (regions, markets, and shopping areas)

Sign up for this webinar today to learn about how important store traffic data is to your daily business!

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd!


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