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in-store analytics, ebook, shoppertrak, people countingIn-store analytics came on the retail scene a little more than 20 years ago. Within a few years after the initial emergence of in-store analytics, Bill Martin founded ShopperTrak, and since that time the company has been a leading innovator in developing better, more precise, and more useful in-store analytics that help ShopperTrak clients more effectively serve their customers, market, sell, and increase profits.

ShopperTrak managed technology, all of which supports our in-store analytics, are operating in more than 60,000 locations across 95 countries and territories. Among the leading retailers that rely on ShopperTrak in-store analytics intelligence are those that hold, collectively, 400 of the world's best known and most highly regarded brands.

Yet ShopperTrak does not just work with big companies; our roster of clients include small and midsize as well. And all receive the same premium customer service and attention.

A primary reason that ShopperTrak in-store analytics are more valuable to retailers than those provided through other companies, is that our technology and system are 100 percent managed. And we are true partners with our clients, offering guidance and insight into how to optimize the benefits of our technology and system.

To that end, ShopperTrak frequently publishes eBooks and white papers, conducts webinars, and holds meetings and conferences.

Recently, we released the eBook, Best Practices For Implementing In-Store Analytics For Brick-And-Mortar Retail...

ShopperTrak invites you to download the eBook for free by clicking here!

Not just any in-store analytics – but ShopperTrak in-store analytics – are a powerful tool and resource for winning in the ever and increasingly competitive world of retail.


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