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ShopperTrak Insights: How to Interpret the Data


Who has time to sift through rows and rows of data to extract pertinent insights? Now with ShopperTrak Insights new feature “How to Interpret the Data,” you don’t have to.

With this feature, the most pertinent information based on the underlying data is surfaced, so you can quickly assess operational and marketing campaign performance. 

Critical insights into conversion, sales, and average transaction size are served up in context of your organization’s hierarchy or reporting structure.  Correlations between conversion rates and STAR, and conversion rates and Power Hours provide compelling and actionable insights enabling you to shift the appropriate levers to increase operational efficiency and/or bottom line.

For marketing campaigns, views of campaign performance in terms of traffic over time and within the context of geography and category are provided, thus giving you the proper context to assess campaigns relative to the market.

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The “How to Interpret the Data” feature saves time by allowing you to focus on other areas requiring your urgent attention.  This important feature will shave off hours of analysis previously completed by your organization in order to get to this level of insight.

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