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ShopperTrak Insights: Marketing Campaign Details


shoppertrak, people counting, data, big data, insightsIs optimizing marketing spend as well as evaluating and improving campaign effectiveness important to your business?  Then look no more… ShopperTrak Insights will help you do just that!

Exclusive to ShopperTrak, the Marketing Campaign details page provides key insights into marketing campaign performance, specifically around the impact on traffic and individual store performance.  Seeing how your campaign is performing over time (prior period and year), across geography (e.g. national vs. regional, etc.), and vertical (e.g. apparel vs. electronics, etc.) provides a more complete picture of performance.

Leveraging these insights can help optimize marketing spend, track attribution to the store, as well as evaluate and improve campaign effectiveness by identifying opportunities to more effectively merchandise products, both in-store and out. 

Check back in for additional ShopperTrak Insights posts!

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