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Is Brick & Mortar Still King?


people counting, retail, shoppertrakDiscussion is growing in the media, in the boardrooms, in casual conversation – and in many other venues and outlets – about brick and mortar retail versus online retail.  Well, truth be told, both of these areas of retail are growing, and in many way they grow cooperatively, in synch, with one abetting the strength and value of the other.  

ShopperTrak, the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis, is partner to brick and mortar retailers the world over, helping them operate more efficiently, effectively, and enabling them to increase sales and profits.   Among retailers that are ShopperTrak customers are those that hold 400 of the world's most recognized and respected brands.  

More than 60,000 ShopperTrak managed people counting technology and foot traffic devices are in operation across 95 countries and territories.    

Earlier this month, a Harris Poll EquiTrend® study was released, and which was cited by many news sources, that gave evidence and described why brick and mortar retailers are still the most preferred shopping outlet for consumers.  

Indeed, in a post in this space on April 26th, it was described how more shoppers “webroom” –  locate a product on line and then buy it in a physical store – than “showroom” – shop for a product in a brick and mortar store and then buy it online.   And, as described in the post, “webrooming” is growing.  

Among the media outlets that did a story on the Harris Poll EquiTrend® study was Consumer Goods Technology. Here is a link to the story, titled, “Store Wars: Brick & Mortar Beat Out Online.”  

For sure, brick & mortar retailing remains the preference of most shoppers because it is the total experience – one in which consumers can get the right product at the right price, and can immerse themselves in the tactile and in person fun and adventure of shopping.   

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