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Are We Deluged with Too Much 'Big Data'? It Depends Who Handles It.


big data, retail, shoppertrakDid you know that currently our world holds billions of physical sensors? In our environment, healthcare, agriculture, entertainment, and security and transportation systems (to name a few), there appears that nothing is untouched by a digital sensor that’s downloading data into the appropriate storage container for the right eyes to analyze. This digital world is expanding so rapidly that the EMC sponsored IDC Digital Universe Study reports the world will generate 50 times the amount of information by 2020.

In an InformationWeek 2013 Big Data Survey, the question was put forth to business respondents whether they could deliver the right data, at the right time, in a way that's useful to their business. Less than 10% reported being substantially effective at identifying critical data to make decisions. In fact, over half responded that accessing relevant, timely or reliable data obstructed managing this information successfully.  Without managing it, it’s hard to utilize it.

Unfortunately, because data is multiplying so fast, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and effectively use the right data to make the best decisions. More data should produce businesses with increased productivity and optimization. However, it appears the opposite is happening as companies are apparently drowning in it.

Retailers are no different. They want precise, real-time data that provides critical insights so they can quickly and easily assess performance. They need to identify where action should be taken so they can adjust for improvements.

ShopperTrak does all of this and more. We collect, process, and deliver relevant foot traffic data so that retailers can effectively utilize it whenever they need it. Our people counter technology and in-store analytics provide the tools necessary to know the shopper and make better decisions by comparing performance and measuring effectiveness. Our benchmarking allows data to be viewed within the right context so figures aren’t misleading. And our compelling, actionable insights allow retailers to access reliable information the way they want it. 

There’s no data deluge with ShopperTrak because we know how to handle it.


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