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Mobile Searches: When Last Minute Marketing Gets Conversions


mobile, marketing, conversion, shoppertrak, people countingThere is a general understanding in gender demographics that men are buyers and women are shoppers. (Wharton) Men are deliberate in their shopping obligations. Women like to take some time to browse.

Generally speaking, insights made into this consumer behavior show that men tend to delay shopping for women compared to women shopping for men. (CSA resource) This is reasonable considering women may be genuinely more interested in gift shopping compared to men’s tendency to procrastinate until they can check if off their list. It’s likely that men tend to shop later, they’re on a mission to purchase a product for a specific purpose, and they want to bring it to completion with speed and convenience.

This observation yields tremendous foot traffic and sale implications making it critical for retailers to reach these male consumers at the right time – getting to them sooner while they’re shopping later.

What is the best way to bring these procrastinators through your front door during last minute holiday shopping? Mobile marketing.

With accessible data multiplying exponentially across a number of channels, it’s these consumers who are looking for information that will best meet their immediate needs with the speed and convenience they expect. Google/Nielsen recently released a study revealing that consumers frequently use mobile searches to guide them in their purchasing decisions. A staggering 73% of mobile searches led to additional action and conversions, and 28% resulted in a store visit, a call or a purchase – over half of these actions were done within an hour of the search. (Google)

There’s a good chance these men are on their mobile devices – at home, in the area, or even in the store – making specific searches. With mobile devices predicted to outnumber the earth’s population in the near future, it’s imperative that retailers are set up with their mobile applications to stay one step ahead and meet them where they’re at.

Understanding these current shopping trends, ShopperTrak provides intelligent business metrics to optimize retail marketing tactics. Significant, real-time data is collected and utilized by using people counting technology and in-store analytics. With the right benchmarks, retailers are able to measure performance efforts used to target mobile devices in order to drive traffic, increase conversions, and ensure successful future mobile marketing campaigns.


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