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Converting Back-to-School Sales to After-School Sales


back-to-school, back to school, retail, sales, shoppertrakThey love to shop and they know how to do it. They hold profound influence over the purchasing decisions of both friends and family. Their tech-savvy buying decisions have enabled them to get what they want, when they want it. This current generation of teens and tweens continues to change the retail landscape. Their importance to the business community is no doubt significant – especially this season.

With parents holding back on school purchases by reusing old supplies and researching shopping deals, retailers will have to fight for fewer dollars according to the recently released NRF 2013 Back-to-School survey results. However, it also shows that the tween and teen demographic continues to maintain a significant influence on household purchases. Where parents in past generations held dominance in purchasing decisions, today’s younger generation has considerable influence on what their parents will buy. Almost 60 percent of parents polled agreed that their children influenced at least half of their back-to-school purchases; and teens will be expected to spend on average $30 of their own money.

Although it’s imperative that retailers are on their toes now to meet the demands of these earlier shoppers, teens may not feel as compelled to wrap up their purchases right away. According to, students are likely to carry their purchasing power further into the fall. This younger generation has carved out a retail era that delivers new products to stores faster than ever before so they can continue to get what they want quickly. Those first few weeks of school will determine what’s trending among their peers and be a deciding factor in what they buy when they hit the stores again – which they will.

Knowing how to court these teens effectively during the back-to-school season will not only pay dividends now, but will continue after the school season begins and well into the holidays when it really counts.

As retailers gear their marketing practices to engage with this target group, they need an accurate map to help them make the best decisions. Having the right data and the right means to effectively analyze and use it is a critical business asset. ShopperTrak can help retailers navigate this changing landscape with its people counter technology. By using ShopperTrak’s unique in-store analytics system, retailers have access to vital information they need now to drive sales into the fall season.


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