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How Can I Help You? Making Your Brand the Answer


people counting technology, shoppertrak, brand, retail, customersIt’s a very crowded brand world out there in social media as more retailers vie for the best position to optimally squeeze themselves into various social channels. And it could get a little uncomfortable for those still trying to find their way. Especially when it’s a critical time to strongly engage customers and prospects online to optimize sales. 

In fact, research conducted by Vertical Circle discovered unprecedented insights into customers’ purchasing decisions based on how social media translates into sales. It was found that 4 in 10 social media users had purchased an item online or in-store after sharing or favoriting it on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.  With Pinterest alone, 43% of the respondents viewed additional information about a product consisting of reviews, recommendations, product details, pricing and location which led them make a purchase. Whether intentional or unintentional, social media plays a crucial role for those actively searching for, or stumbling upon, information that can best answer questions they have, or didn’t realize they had.

This is why it’s imperative that retailers are able to provide accurate and relevant information about their brand to effectively engage and connect with consumers through social media. But to avoid a scattershot approach or a watered down message, they must know where to begin. And the place to begin is a well-defined brand image, or brand essence.

Do retailers know with certainty what their brand represents? Do their employees know it? And, more importantly, do their customers know it and still view it as being relevant? Some major retailers have discovered this disconnect with customers all too late and have paid immensely for it. No amount of social media blitz can change or convey brand perception if retailers aren’t able to effectively articulate the relevance of their brand. It’s their brand’s essence that will determine the kind of social media strategy to best employ – from the audience they target, to the message they convey, to their methods of engagement, down to the social channels they use.

However, establishing a relevant brand essence goes beyond just form, function and attributes. As Aaron Goldman explains in his book, Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google, if retailers want their brand to successfully stand out from the others, it must be positioned as “the answer.” However, to be the answer, they must first know the questions being asked. How will their brand help consumers solve their problems, answer their questions, or make the best decisions? After all, these are the things that consumers are already online trying to figure out.

What is the role of your brand in the mind of the consumer? Remember, the most successful brands are the ones that help prospects solve their problems or make decisions. Once you have effectively established this, you can develop a successful social media campaign that will build and maintain a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

As you become “the answer” to help your customers, let ShopperTrak help you find the answers to best optimize data and reveal opportunities to improve your store performance. ShopperTrak’s people counting technology provides a valuable resource to help retailers stay on top of store trends in traffic, conversion, labor and marketing effectiveness.


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