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Indulging the Retail Influencer Through the Unexpected


retail, influence, marketing, shoppertrakWho doesn’t like specialized attention? The details are what matter when trying to win over and maintain the loyalty of customers, eventually converting them to become brand ambassadors. Discounts, coupons, special promotion alerts, private sales and even the free birthday specials are often commonplace tactics used by retailers to win over consumers. In fact, these incentive offerings are among the top reasons why consumers follow brands (Nielsen). However, if everyone is doing it, how can retailers be truly effective in continually using them as a primary source of marketing?

To keep their top influencers excited about their brands, retailers must go beyond the expected.

According to Jeremy Goldman, author of Going Social, it’s critical that your most valuable customers are given better treatment than the rest of your customers. As he claims, “If you develop a campaign catering to influencers unlike anything you’ve seen in your market before, you’re on the right path toward strong word of mouth.” (193). And word of mouth means everything to your business.

An effective method Goldman recommends to accomplish this is getting valuable content or a physical product in their hands weeks or months before anyone else has access to it. Scarcity breeds value, and the perceived value of an offering is everything when employing the tactic of going beyond the expected.

For instance, if a handful of important influencers receive a product not available to the public, wouldn’t they feel appreciated by receiving something of value that no one else has?  Wouldn’t this unexpected gift contribute to the emotional connection they have with the business and increase their affinity toward the brand? And wouldn’t the resulting gratitude and excitement lead to more valuable word-of-mouth exposure? The company could also receive vital feedback from the recipients about the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the product from which a successful marketing campaign could be devised and effectively executed.

Going beyond the expected norms of marketing is crucial for today’s competitive retail landscape by providing unexpected value in every aspect of the sales process. ShopperTrak offers powerful retail insights through our people counter technology to aid in this process. We understand that by using intelligent in-store analytics, retailers will have a critical understanding of those factors that can powerfully drive their store conversion rates.


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