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Reaching the “Hassle-Free” Holiday Retail Customer


holiday, shopper, shopping, retail, shoppertrak, people countingStretching into the month of October, consumers may have been shopping earlier than ever before this holiday season, but there will always be those who delay their shopping for a variety of reasons. Black Friday promotions and deals may lure many to brave the malls – upwards of 140 million people this year – but there are many others who prefer shopping without the crowds, long lines and frenzied sales associates.

ShopperTrak recently released its forecast for the best days to shop for those wanting to bypass the crowds, with four of the top ten days occurring in the week after Black Friday. With NRF’s forecast that spending per consumer will actually decrease by 2% this year, retailers will need to be smart about implementing the right strategies to entice foot traffic through their doors during these slower-traffic days. The best way to do this may be to give shoppers exactly what they’re looking for – the promise of lower crowds combined with great deals and an attentive sales staff.

According to NRF, technology has made the holiday shopper adept at hassle-free shopping through finely tuned shopping skills. When it comes to where they will actually shop, price and promotions are paramount, with over 35% citing sales and discounts as the most important factor determining where they will shop. But, if retailers can promote their attentive sales staff, special “doorbusters” or discounts available specific days of the week, or even price matching online offers, they will be more effective at reaching the “hassle-free” customer. Retailers can also take advantage of this slow time to subscribe new customers to mailing lists or sign them up for membership rewards.

It’s also important for retailers to consider Google’s new Gmail layout, which can hinder any promotional email campaigns sent out during the week. Because emails sent by marketers are automatically placed under a promotions tab, time-sensitive sales could be overlooked. Retailers must understand the most effective way to reach their customers via mobile channels, whether through tweets, Facebook postings or even text messaging.

In order for stores to capitalize on opportunities that arise during slow traffic days this holiday season – as well as future ones – they need the right tools to help them make the best decisions. ShopperTrak can provide retailers with traffic benchmarking reports and real-time analytics through our people counting technology in order to help them convert browsers into buyers.


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