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Retail Customer Relations: It’s All in the Details


retail, shoppertrak, people counting, people counting technologyIt’s imperative that, in today’s consumer-centric landscape, retailers are proactive in going after a relationship with their customers. Long gone are the days when retailers could just place ads in print, radio or television to motivate customers to walk through their doors and do business. Then, once the sale was completed, the retailer’s interactions with customers ended until next time. Now, retailers must be the ones to initiate first contact with consumers and take the necessary steps to engage them in a genuine long-term relationship – even outside the store. They must understand what matters to their customers and act on those insights to build true engagement and a personal connection that can lead to brand loyalty.

It starts with understanding what is important to their customers. Apparently, the little things do still matter to them, and remembering their birthdays is a big deal. According to a survey, almost three-quarters of respondents felt more positive about a company they did business with when sent a birthday message. In fact, close to 90 percent of those positive reactions led to increased brand loyalty. Of course, including a discount or gift with the birthday greeting had a 24 percent more effective positive impact on consumer opinion than those with simple greetings. Age also played a big factor in increased loyalty by positively affecting those in the 24 to 35 bracket by over 90 percent compared to 73 percent of those 55 and over.

Details count in relationships, and it’s no different for retailers. They must discover those specific details that effectively help them reach out to their different customer segments by making the shopping experience a satisfying one. ShopperTrak can aid retailers with determining the effectiveness of implementing these little details through our people counting technology. By capturing actionable insights, retailers are able to see how their promotional strategies are moving consumers further along the path to purchase.


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