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Customer Service: Listening to the Silent Majority


customer, customer service, in-store analytics, shoppertrak, retailYou wouldn’t ignore your doctor if he informed you that you have high cholesterol that could lead to type 2 diabetes. You wouldn’t shrug him off, thinking that maybe he doesn’t have all the facts or might just be having a bad day. After all, there’s a reason you went to him in the first place – to find out what’s wrong and to figure out the best course of action to increase your chances of good health and survival.

It should be no different when handling those customers who actually come to you and point out weaknesses in your business through concerns or complaints. Over five years ago, the Better Business Bureau found that businesses received complaints from only 5 percent of those who were dissatisfied, meaning the other 95 percent of dissatisfied customers made no comment. What made this figure so alarming is that 90 percent of this unheard-from group had not only resolved to stop engaging with that business, but would spread their negative experience to at least eight other people.

Currently, the growth of social media channels has made it easier for consumers to voice concerns and complaints. However, there still may be many more who will likely remain quiet. It’s essential that retailers truly listen to those few who may offer overlooked insights into their businesses by revealing what needs to be changed so growth isn’t hindered. The alternative: if these concerns are left unchecked or untreated, a destructive root could quickly take over and wreak havoc.

No matter which channel they come through, retailers must be prepared to quickly and effectively deal with complaints. One customer’s issue may mean there are several more who feel similar, but have not spoken up. In an age where transparency is not only key but expected, it’s crucial that companies use the appropriate channels to listen to their customers’ concerns, own up to their mistakes, and keep their customers continually aware of ongoing resolutions. Constant and clear communication is critical in a digital age when one click of a button can send anything viral.

With today’s online and offline competitive retail landscape, customer service is often the differentiating factor that determines whether consumers will continue to engage with you. Having the right resources to make sure your customer service is optimized is crucial. ShopperTrak provides these tools through its in-store analytics to give retailers the actionable insights they need to make the right decisions.


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