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Retail Marketing: Breaking Through with Emotional Content


marketing, shoppertrak, in-store analytics, retailRetailers understand that positive word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. They love when consumers pass along not only positive experiences, but information or content from one of their many digital channels. The more people view it, the more their brand can make an impression and produce familiarity with a wider audience. As Catherine Kaputa, author of Breakthrough Branding, describes it, it’s all about “pimping the brand: getting other people to endorse, market, and pass along your content or business information” (116). 

However, the primary concern is finding the best methods to effectively do this. We tend to think the more we educate consumers, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Give them the facts, figures and information, and we can convince them that our brand is the right one. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that. Researchers know that the way humans make decisions and take action can be complex due to biological triggers.

One such research study analyzed the most e-mailed articles from a major newspaper within a year. Surprisingly, they found that it wasn’t the articles containing practical, helpful information or insights that were popular, but those that triggered the most arousing emotions – whether positive or negative.

As Kaputa discusses in her book, it’s the sharing of strong emotions, not practical information, which gives us what we want: a connection and solidarity with a group. Emotional content leads to “high arousal” and produces a biological response which prompts us to take an action, such as passing along and sharing content that caused the reaction in us (117). Social media channels have only made this exponentially easier to do with their built-in communities. If retailers want people to pass along their content, they must make that content emotional.

The digital marketplace is a crowded one, and, as retailers find the best tactics to be successful and win in the “battle of the brands,” they need the right tools to get them there. ShopperTrak provides an in-store analytics system that enables retailers to receive the relevant, real-time data that is crucial for successful marketing strategies.


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